Chefs, Caterers & Restaurants

The quality of our Microgreens is always higher because that’s all we grow.
Our cost-effective Microgreens are available in a rainbow of colors.
(1lb of Sunflower or Pea shoots can generously garnish 100 - 120 plates )
(4 oz Radish or Amaranth or Beets can Garnish 60 - 100 plates

Use them in plate presentation and coax more flavor from your dishes
combining our Microgreens can help build complexity in all of your creations.

Use our Micro Cilantro instead of regular Cilantro for a sharper flavor.
our specialty growers deliver the best quality and freshness.

Take advantage of the wide variety of our Microgreens to create fresh, colorfully unique plates.

Available in 4oz clam shells and 8 ounce bags, dry and kept under refrigeration.

Also available live in 4x4 seed trays so you can continuously  harvest.

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